Hate spam? Go to SNS

Due to the widespread culture (if I may call it) of anonymity in Japan, there has been a long and winding dispute between the pro-real name and anti-real name schools. The issue is relatively simple. The pro-real wants everyone on the web to identify themselves with the real-name (or an ID that can trace back to the person in some way), while the anti-real argues that the pro-real is missing the whole point of the Internet, it is the what (to be said) that matters, not the who. The anti-real also laughs at the unrealistic desire often expressed by the pro-real school (Everyone with real name? Yeah, right. That won’t happen).

Anyway, today, Yamada made an interesting proposal for those who are fed up with spams by anonymous cowards on the web.

Go to SNS

The whole argument is actually more complex than this. But, the point is the largest SNS in Japan, mixi, has got 13 millions users and it’s been reported that many of them use the real name. Surely the S/N ratio will decrease.

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