Lessons to be learnt from the first week

OK, since there doesn’t seem to be many entries today to share with you, I decided to write about the lessons I learnt from the first week of my activity in Door to Japanese Blogs.

The only criterion I use in the selection of the blog entries is whether or not the entries offer any value to the community outside Japan. Obviously this is totally biased by myself, but there are cases where I can clearly exclude from my consideration. That is, the re-blog entries which introduce English entries in Japanese (sort of reverse of this blog). What I realised in the first week of my activity was that a large proportion of published blogs belong to this category. It was a little bit of surprise to me. I initially thought that there would be more, say, original posts, but that wasn’t the case so far. It makes my job easier, though.

There are several categories of posts I intentionally pickup in this blog. They are about the software development, discussions on Japanese society, opinions on foreign issues, and fun stuff. I believe that the development technologies some bloggers have in Japan is of high standard. Therefore, I’d like to share their effort with you. The second and third categories are kind of obvious but rarely published in English. There are as many crazy people in Japan as anywhere else, so I enjoy introducing some of the fun we have on the web.

It doesn’t take much to make the “Today’s elsewhere” entries because they are just a collection of bookmarks I make during the web surfing. The main entries tend to take about a half an hour. I try to limit myself not to spend much time so that I can have a long life.

Alright, that’s enough from me. Keep me posted any feedback on the blog.


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