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On Microsoft-Yahoo marriage

Japanese bloggers started to post their views on this huge news. Here are the two of them.

Satoshi predicts that the offer from Microsoft will be accepted by Yahoo! and shareholders should rejoice this move. He argues that while this might not be the best news for the management of Yahoo, they would have a strong pressure from other members of the board.

Satoshi’s main interest, though, appears to be the next move on the Microsoft. How would they manage the important players at Yahoo? Would Microsoft’s culture and position as a software giant affect the Yahoo employees’ motivation under the new management? He says he wouldn’t be surprised to see many people leave the company.

Original post: http://satoshi.blogs.com/life/2008/02/microsoftyahoo.html

Having agreed with satoshi’s post, dankogai wondered why this did not happen earlier. He argues that Yahoo have been avoiding a face-to-face flight with Google too long. While he still thinks Google won’t be affected that much by the two companies together, this cold-war is a healthy state for the search engines industry.

Original post: http://blog.livedoor.jp/dankogai/archives/50995609.html


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